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Conditions of Rental and Reservation


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Conditions of Rental and Reservation


Conditions of Rental and Reservation

1. Negotiation / Rental contract / Transportation service
negotiates the rental of the hotels and holiday apartments it offers in the name of and on the account of the owners of the accommodation, in following “Landlord”. The seasonal prices of the actual pricelist are valid. The rental arrangement is completed at these prices without further commission to be paid by the tenant. The rental contract is made between you as the seeker of accommodation (in following “Tenant”) and the landlord for the duration of the agreed holiday period and is validated by our written acceptance (Confirmation of Rental) of your signed reservation form (see point 2, below). The rented object may only accommodate the number of persons as indicated in the Confirmation of Rental. A child is to be classed as a person. If more persons than allowed arrive, the landlord can demand fees or refuse these persons. The tenant is obliged to take care of the accommodation and to recompense any damage that he, his children or guests may cause. The tenant accepts the rules of the house in which he is staying. Without written permission in the Confirmation of Rental, it is not possible to take pets with you.
italiaREISEN can arrange in addition to the rental contract (or separately) a transportation service which is not part of the rental contract (e.g. rental car, ferry, plane). In this case, only the contract terms of the corresponding rental car company or the transport company are valid.
2. Reservation: how and where to book
Your reservation can be easily and comfortably made by a telephone call, fax or e-mail to the central office of
italiaREISEN. Through your reservation with us, you are making a binding contract with the landlord. This occurs through our acceptance of your reservation in the name of the landlord. You then receive a signed reservation form from us, with all the details about the house, apartment type, rental period etc. You retain the original reservation form and sign and return the copy as confirmation of your reservation. It is not possible for the tenants to alter or supplement any details on the copy of the reservation form. Once your reservation form has reached us, we send you a Confirmation of Rental in the name of the landlord. Only then should you make the first payment as stated in the reservation form. We guarantee that we have legal permission to accept these payments from you on behalf of the landlords.
Newsletter: If the customer / interested person orders a catalogue, makes a booking request or concludes a rental contract, he accepts to get offers/information by e-mail, fax or mail. If the customer does not want to get further information, he can disagree on this regularisation.
italiaREISEN tries then to stop immediately sending advertisement.
Booking fees: In case of a booking with a stay of 5 days or 3 days in Hotels (or less) and short term bookings 5 days (or less) before arrival day, a bigger administrative effort is necessary. Then you have to pay 15 Euros for a short stay or short term booking and 20 Euros if it is a short stay and short term booking at the same time.
3. Method of Payment, Extra costs, Information for your journey
italiaREISEN is entitled by the landlord to collect the rental and possible cancellation fees.
2 days of receiving the Confirmation of Rental, you must make a first payment to our account to the sum of 25% of the total rental fee (see reservation form). The rest of the rental fee is to be paid either directly to the landlord on arrival (see price list) or must be paid into our account without further demand from us at least 30 days before beginning of the rental period. In the case of reservations made at short notice, (less than 6 weeks before the beginning of the rental period) the whole fee may be payable directly to us immediately. You will receive a confirmation from us of having received your payment. This payment confirmation is the receipt. Should the necessary payments not reach our account punctually after the sending of the confirmation of reservation (see point 2), we will send one reminder. Should the payment not reach our account after this, we will cancel the reservation in the name of the landlord. The costs for the loss of rental fee (see point 4) are then nevertheless to be paid by you. Payments of bookings from the 27 European countries (and England) and from the European countries that are not members of the EU (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway and Switzerland) belong to the Single European Payment Area (SEPA). Payments can be easily made to our account in Germany without many fees - like a bank transfer within your country - by using the SEPA bank transfer (please don’t forget to indicate our IBAN and BIC number that you can see on the reservation form). In this case there is no booking fee for bookings from abroad.
confirmation of payment with the address, telephone number of the landlord for the handing over of the keys and with details for your journey are sent 14 days before your rental period. This confirmation of payment shows your landlord that you have already paid the rental fee. The keys to the accommodation will only be given against presentation of this payment confirmation form. Extra costs as listed in the price list and a deposit are payable directly to the landlord at your accommodation. Without full payment of the rental before the rental period, the landlord has the right to refuse performance.
4. Cancellation, Change of booking, Cancellation Insurance
The tenant must send a written cancellation of the reservation. In case of cancellation before the rental period:
Up to 30 days before, the first instalment will not be refunded.
From 29 to 15 days before, 50 % of the total rental will not be refunded.
From 14 to 7 days before, 75 % of the total rental will not be refunded.
less than 7 days before, the landlord demands the compensation of the loss of the rental fee, which can be as much as the full rental fee, unless the tenant can prove that a lesser loss of income has been caused. If the landlord accepts as a gesture of goodwill a change of booking, the first instalment will not be refunded and the initial price has to be paid if this one was higher than the new one.
For each
change in the booking, a fee of 20 Euros will be charged.
The landlords and
italiaREISEN will accept a substitute tenant from you. However, we do recommend that you take out insurance cover for the case of cancellation of booking and are happy to advise you on this matter.
5. Rental period, arrival and departure
The minimum period of rental is 7 days. Beginning and end of the rental period can in some cases be any day during the low season; however, the norm is Saturdays. We are happy to help if you have any special requests. On the day of arrival the keys can be collected between 4pm and 7pm. Should you be likely to arrive later, we ask you to inform the landlord (tel. number in your journey information). On the day of departure, the accommodation must be vacated by 10am. Before leaving the accommodation, you must inform the landlord so that he can check it.
6. Information, descriptions, unforeseen circumstances
Information and descriptions of the towns and locations are given by
italiaREISEN, its advisory and booking partners to the best of their knowledge and conscience, are however without guarantee as they are often based on information from third parties (such as tourist offices). All information is based on the actual situation at the time of going to print. Errors are possible. Deviations from the description of the rented object are only effective in the written form. italiaREISEN may cancel the reservation in the case of war, strikes, acts of God etc. and has the right, in cases in which the rented object is no longer available, to offer suitable alternative accommodation or to cancel the reservation in the name of the landlord without notice. In this case, the paid rental fee will be returned, under the condition that no further demands are acceptable. The transferral of demands from the negotiation contract on to third persons, including partners and relatives, is not permitted.
7. Limitation of liability, service on spot
The liability of
italiaREISEN for damages that are no physical injuries, because of the breach of contractual duties is limited to the triple amount of the rental if a damage of the tenant is caused by italiaREISEN not purposely nor due to gross negligence. italiaREISEN does not give any services on the spot, but only the landlord / hotelier and his staff.
8. Local tax and basic cleaning
The Italian government has decided in 2011 that Italian cities and communes can demand a local tax. This local tax has to be paid directly on site, which means to your chosen accommodation (hotel, holiday village or landlord). The local tax is a municipal tax depending on the number of overnight stays in the village / city. According to the government it is up to the commune to decide when the local tax will be introduced and how much the exact amount will be. This is why every single commune decides about the local tax and can change it during season.
Please note: The basic cleaning has to be done by the tenant. The rental unit has to be left broom clean also if the owner does a final cleaning. The basic cleaning by the tenant means cleaning the kitchen or kitchenette, cleaning and putting away the pots, dishes and glass, taking food and rubbish away and sweeping all rooms.
9. Faults and complaints
Should there be a problem with your accommodation, please consult your landlord first. He is your contract partner and is responsible for solving any problems. Should it not be possible to solve the problem, please call us in Garching so that we can try to help the negotiations between you and your landlord. Faults, which are reported after the end of your holiday, cannot be considered. The court of jurisdiction for negotiations is Munich.



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